ADP61 Studio AV Preamp Decoder unit
Our new "ADP61" 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder features a multitude of analog, digital, and S-Video inputs. Remote control selection of both visual and audio signals is available for a wide range of source material.

With active monitors becoming extremely popular in home theaters and professional studios alike, the need for a compact preamp decoder without a power amplifier stage has become apparent. The ADP61 is perfect when used as the main control hub bridging all audio and video connections together while offering a simple yet powerful monitoring control solution. It is also useful for the mixer-less DAW studio.

The ADP61 allows monitoring and decoding for all signals from stereo to 6.1 surround audio. With balanced XLR outputs and an infra-red remote control, it's simple to monitor various connected devices such as CD units, Video units, DVD player/recorders, or TV systems. Decoding is provided for digitally connected devices compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS ES, DTS ES Matrix, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo, and more (see below).

The ADP61's internal software also offers:
• Saving of reference levels for each input (rev 2) - This eliminates changing Master volume levels during selection of different inputs while performing simple A/B comparisons of source material.
• Downmix from encoded surround formats (rev 2). See downmix chart here.
• Inaudible internal Mute relay switching in critical listening environments - In some hardware devices, audible operational hardware relay clicks are present when source material volume level is zero and a pause function is used (especially present in digital source material).
• Last state memory (rev 2) - The ADP61 returns to the last state setting on power up. Includes all decode and channel routing settings.
• Variable crossover point for the SUB output (rev 2) - Perfect for enhancing bass frequency control.
The ADP61 connections: violet Perfectly suited for use in these environments:
1 x Balanced XLR stereo input
1 x 25pin multi-channel 5.1 input
1 x 5.1 unbalanced input (RCA) (Rev1 only)
1 x AES EBU digital input
1 x Coaxial digital input
1 x Optical digital input
6 x stereo unbalanced inputs
4 x S-Video inputs
7 x XLR Balanced outputs (6.1)
Home theatre environment

Professional recording studios

Home/project studios

Advertising agencies

Office presentation rooms
Optical, coaxial & AES/EBU digital inputs - Toslink optical/coaxial and AES/EBU connectors provide flexible digital input options when interfacing with other equipment. With clearly marked high quality connectors secured to the rear chassis, DVD/CD players, DAT machines, DAW (digital audio workstations), and other devices can be connected with ease.

Stereo balanced inputs with -10dB, 0dB, & +4dB (selectable level setting) - The stereo XLR inputs are suitable for high quality 2 channel input analog input source material. Typically this would be the outputs of your CD player, digital workstation master output pair, or any other stereo analog source. Analog input level matching is provided with the inclusion of a switchable dB input level selector. The stereo Balanced analog inputs can be set to interface with source material at -10dB, 0db, of +4dB.

Multi-channel 25pin D-sub input connector - The 25pin D-Sub input provides a 6-channel (5.1) analog input section in a compact 'single cable' format. This allows for interfacing directly with existing Tascam and Digidesign format D-Sub pin compatible devices.

*Important Notes:
The 25pin D-sub input connector accepts analog connections and passes audio directly to the analog outputs. THERE IS NO AD/DA CONVERSION present in the signal chain.
The 25pin D-sub pin configuration for Revision 1 units is detailed at the bottom of this page.

6.1 XLR balanced outputs - Seven (6.1) professional grade multi-channel balanced XLR output connectors are provided for connection to your chosen destination. Perfect for connection to active monitors, they provide clean professional audio signal without compromise.
ADP61 key features:
• All channels driven with XLR Balanced Outputs
• Auto format recognition
• 24-bit 192kHz AD/DA converter for all I/O channels
• Downmix (2ch) from encoded surround formats
• Digital Bass Management system
• Variable SUB Crossover
• Dedicated memory assignable volume recall per input selection
• 25pin D-sub analog pass through (no AD/DA)
• Pink Noise Generator for speaker balancing
• Bass/Treble controls
• Format display on screen
• Remote control standby
• Built in AM/FM Tuner
• Sleep Timer
• Last state memory on power up (includes all decode and channel routing settings)
• 2.1 output from stereo sources
• Mechanically silent relay switching
Format compatibility:
• Dolby Digital Decoder
• DTS Decoder
• Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoder
• DTS 96/24 Decoder
• DTS ES Discrete Decoder
• DTS-ES Matrix Decoder
• DTS Neo:6 Cinema
• DTS Neo:6 Music
• Dolby Pro Logic II Movie
• Dolby Pro Logic II Music
• 6 CH Stereo Mode (all outputs running from single stereo input)
• Pro Logic Decoding on Analog inputs
• 2 CH Stereo Bypass Mode
Rev 1 Pin configuration: 25 pin D-Sub violet Additional Information:
* 1 Left In +
* 2 Centre In +
* 3 Right In +
* 4 LFE In +
* 5 Surround Left In +
* 6 Surround Right In +
* 9 GND
* 10 GND
* 11 Left In -
* 12 Centre In -
* 13 Right In -
* 14 LFE In -
* 15 Surround Left In -
* 16 Surround Right In -

Operation Manual: ADP61 Manual

Brochure download: ADP61 Brochure PDF


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