UPM88 Digitally controlled analog patch matrix switcher
When it comes to studio applications, there is one piece of gear that you just cannot do without... the patch bay! Over time as you develop your formidable arsenal of equipment, you will find yourself relying on your audio patchbay more and more. Simple patchbays, although messy and more difficult to configure quickly than they should be, have provided a solution up until now... but with today's technology there is a better way.

The UPM88 goes that step further... pure analog signal switching... and digital stream patching...

The UPM88 is a new breed of patch matrix hardware that represents a very innovative approach to the marriage of the latest technology and audio signal integrity. It features a powerful combination of state-of-the-art software and hardware designed to revolutionize the implementation of small, medium and large-scale audio routing environments by handling both pure analog signal patching & digital patch routing simultanelously.

Analog patching... pure audio path...
With an absolutely pure audio signal path, remote controlled (USB) routing configuration features, easy front panel operation, the UPM88 represents the latest technology in patchbay design. Whether for complex studio matrix design or a modest patching solution for smaller setups, the UPM88 is an investment which provides a new level of freedom and flexibility. Your pure analog audio patching system can be built and controlled from either a simple front panel switch matrix, or via the onscreen computer software matrix GUI (graphical user interface) via USB connection.

All audio routing through the UPM88 is handled using the latest high-quality analog devices multiplexer chips available. The audio signal never leaves the analog domain, is not amplified, or driven in any way, and as such there is no loss of quality as there can be in some DSP and AD/DA matrix processing devices. Similar DSP based devices on the market use digital sampling technology which can degrade signal quality in many ways. The UPM88 has true whisper quiet 'all analog circuitry', and carries the full analog signal between patching destinations unadulterated. It is the digital switching technology in the UPM88 that is the key.

Digital patch routing...
What about digital? Well... the UPM88 handles digital patching of SPDIF or AES/EBU format signals perfectly and simultaneously side by side with your pure analog signals! That's right... not only is the UPM a virtually unmeasurably pure analog patch matrix, but it is an astonishingly powerful professional digital patch bay. The best of both worlds in a simple to operate remotely controlled unit.

Application... operation...
Those inevitable momentary design changes which occur in the studio can be solved quickly and easily with the UPM88. You no longer have to worry about physical patching once your gear is connected to the rear of the unit. You can route your audio through a particular piece of outboard gear by simply changing the matrix configuration! No messy cables, rearranging equipment in your rack, rewiring. The UPM88 is easily expanded, modified, and updated to accommodate your needs.

The number of inputs and destinations starts from 8 x 8 for a single unit, with the option to link 2 units for a 8 x 16 solution. You can keep stacking unit for as many output destinations as required! The hardware itself is all housed in a purpose built standard 2U sturdy rack-mountable chassis. Balanced XLR audio cable connectors are positioned on the rear of the unit, and thus keep your studio environment super tidy with cables out of sight. The front panel features an easy to view led matrix grid indicator with input and destination selector buttons.

Manually changing the UPM88's matrix configuration is a breeze. The matrix selector buttons on the front panel is where all of the signal routing is configured. Simply select input and destination and output destination.. and you are set to go. You can quickly recognize your routing matrix by viewing the scrolling configuration led's on the front of the unit.

With the built in USB port on the rear of the unit, the UPM88 software graphical user interface can be run within your Windows (available now - 98SE, ME, 2000, XP) or Mac OSX (expected) operating system. Simply select the inputs on screen and connect them together with graphical wires to the desired destination output. The UPM88 will automatically create the desired configuration - actually implementing the system that has just been designed. You can immediately audition the results. Your design can be saved as a Windows file and you can save and recall as many different designs as required.

As exciting as all of the features of UPM88 are, the most important feature is its sound quality. Violet Audio is dedicated to providing the highest level of sound quality possible. The UPM88 needs to be heard to be truly appreciated, as it is the sound quality that we are most proud of. All audio paths are extremely transparent. The system is unbelievably quiet, and there are no artifacts added to your signal. The UPM88 is purpose built for the demands of true critical listening environments.
UPM88 Key features:
• remotely controlled patchbay matrix (USB required)
• passes analog and digital data streams simultaneously
• analog dynamic range greater than 130db
• analog multiplexer technology
• pure analog signal path
• digital switching via front panel or USB
• 8 inputs, 8 detinations
• multiple routing support (8ch)
• multiple routing outputs per destination
• pristine audio transparency
• system link connector pins (max 2 x units)
• XLR balanced Neutrik connectors (for analog & AES/EBU)
• 2RU rack-mountable chassis
• RTAS plug-in remote control under development
Format compatibility:
• Dolby Digital Decoder
• DTS Decoder
• Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoder
• DTS 96/24 Decoder
• DTS ES Discrete Decoder
• DTS-ES Matrix Decoder
• DTS Neo:6 Cinema
• DTS Neo:6 Music
• Dolby Pro Logic II Movie
• Dolby Pro Logic II Music
• 6 CH Stereo Mode (all outputs running from single stereo input)
• Pro Logic Decoding on Analog inputs
• 2 CH Stereo Bypass Mode
UPM88 Applications: Additional Information:
UPM88 is perfectly suited for use in these environments:

• Professional recording studios
• Home/project studios
• Post production facilities
• Video duplication houses
• Multi-media developers
• distributed audio applications

Requirements for USB operation:
• Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
• Mac OS X (under development)

PC USB Driver: USB Driver
PC Electronic Patch Bay Application: Electronic Patch Bay
Operation Manual: UPM88 Manual

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