MV71 Digitally controlled analog suround volume controller

Violet Audio has created the MV71 to offer a high quality remote control surround volume solution in a convenient, easy to use and professional package.

Designed for studio applications, such as mixing surround music, studio recording, or post production, the MV71 features fully balanced inputs and outputs, along with numerous other connection options for a total of 24 inputs and 12 outputs. The MV71 is essentially an audio hub and surround volume control unit that combined with any professional active monitor configuration provides a truly world class multi-channel studio monitoring system.

Demanding users require absolute fidelity, professional connectivity, and true surround sound. The Violet Audio MV71 delivers on all counts. The MV71 provides a high quality solution for remotely controlling volume levels from a variety of different sources including professional audio equipment (mixers, digital recorders, etc), DVD, CD, Beta decks, and other audio devices.

Audio signals can be routed from any of the available inputs to either the balanced XLR 7.1 surround outputs or to either of the two designated stereo record output pairs A (balanced) & B (unbalanced). This feature not only provides a useful patch-bay solution, but also allows conversions of balanced to unbalanced signals and vice versa.

The main control unit system software has individual output and master calibration adjustment capabilities for fine tuning your listening environment. Other system functions includes Bass & Treble controls for use on the master 1 & 2 outputs, system wide mute functionality, stored last state setting, and a telephone LCD call announcement display.

The self powered MV71 wired remote provides convenient controls for quick volume adjustments of the 7.1 surround outputs. With a large format volume wheel, 24 quick access control buttons, blue backlit 16x2 character LCD display, and a built in infra-red receiver (for use with the included hand-held wireless remote control), the MV71 wired remote provides all the necessary features required to control the functionality of the main control unit. The included infra-red remote of course offers all the additional benefits that wireless control provides.

For studio use in critical recording environments the MV71 has an RJ15 telephone input connection for call announcement display on the wired remotes LCD display panel. By turning down the ringer on your telephone users will get visual display notification of any incoming calls. Very useful in the studio!

MV71 Key features:
• remote digitally controlled surround compatible level controller
• no AD/DA. Pure analog path
• infra-red & wired (cat5) remote controls included
• 24 inputs and 12 outputs in total
• extremely flexible
• 8 x XLR balanced I/O (7.1)
• 8 x RCA unbalanced Inputs (7.1)
• 2 x stereo XLR balanced inputs
• 3 x stereo RCA unbalanced inputs
• 1 x stereo XLR balanced output
• 1 x stereo RCA unbalanced output
• 2RU rack-mountable chassis
MV71 Applications:
The MV71 is perfectly suited for use in these environments:

• Professional recording studios
• Home/project studios
• 5.1 & 7.1 mixing suites
• Post production facilities
• Video duplication houses
• Multi-media developers

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