D32IO-A Digital Audio Snake Terminal

The Violet Audio D32IO-A Digital Audio Snake Terminal facilitates the connection and transfer of up to 32 channels of 24-bit 96 kHz digital audio delivered via standard CAT-5 twisted pair cable. Acting as a high quality AD/DA converter, digital transmission hub, and physical connection terminal, the D32IO is designed to reside at each end of a CAT-5 based Digital Audio Snake and offer a robust ultra-low latency multi-channel digital audio transfer

The D32IO-A is the first Violet Audio product to feature Gateway Audio’s new LanCore™ technology. LanCore™ provides an affordable integrated digital audio transfer mechanism using the Ethernet (802.3) protocol over standard CAT-5 or optical hardware.

Violet Audio sales director Danny Olesh said: “If you have ever had to drag a large multi-channel audio snake around you will appreciate the benefits of our new LanCore™ enabled D32IO-A.”

Danny Olesh continued: “After a year long development cycle with Gateway Audio’s technical team LanCore™ technology has proved to be an extremely robust protocol for audio distribution. The D32IO-A is the first of several revolutionary LanCore™ enabled products we have marked for release during 2007 designed specifically to provide solutions to the many issues found in today’s complex and cumbersome cabling system environments.”

All analog I/O connectivity on the D32IO is catered for on the rear panel by four (4) analog D-Sub 25-pin ports. Ports can be factory preconfigured for operation in either a 32/0, 24/8 or 16/16 implementation as specified by the customer at the time of purchase. Industry standard pin-out configuration is provided to allow for simple third party product integration however Violet Audio’s own D8XI and D8XO analog D-Sub 25-pin 8 XLR single rack-mountable breakout units are the perfect companions to facilitate the addition of XLR audio connectors to the system.

The D32IO-A is set to revolutionize the audio industry by bringing a truly affordable CAT-5 based Digital Audio Snake solution to the pro audio market.
D32IO-A Key features:
• 32 channel, 24-bit/96KHz digital audio transmitted from Master to Slave units
• Ultra low-latency (<200 usec over 100m CAT-5) completely synchronous operation
• Factory pre-configured as either 32/0, 24/8, or 16/16 channel I/O implementation
• Clock distribution via LanCore™
• 4 x D-Sub 25-pin terminal ports
• 2 x standard RJ45 terminals for CAT-5 cable connection
• LanCore™ is a Gateway Audio technology
D32IO-A Applications:
The D32IO-A is perfectly suited for use in the following environments:

• Professional recording studios
• Broadcast
• Home/project studios
• Post production facilities
• Live Sound applications

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