D8XI and D8XO Analog D-Sub 25-pin 8 XLR Breakout Terminals

The D8XI and D8XO audio break-out terminals offer robust and reliable break-out connection for either analog or AES/EBU digital audio signal material from D-Sub 25-pin to 8 male (D8XO) or female (D8XI) XLR connectors.

Featuring industry standard Tascam/Digidesign pinout configuration on the D-sub 25-pin connectors, the D8XI and D8XO are suitable for use with many professional audio recorders, mixers, and the like.

Thanks to a pair of cleverly designed rotatable rack-mount ears, the D8XI and D8XO can be mounted in a rack so that the XLR connectors face either the front or rear of the rack chassis. Perfect for easy terminal access, or simply for keeping permanent cable clutter tidy and out of sight! Dual (2) x D-Sub 25-pin connectors (front & rear panel) also allow each unit to be used as a handy digital or analog splitter terminal. Great for splitting off dual sends, monitor mixers, etc.

Originally developed to partner our LanCoreTM enabled D32IO-A Digital Audio Snake Terminal, our design team threw in a few additional features ensuring that the D8XI and D8XO had universal appeal and would also be adopted for use with a multitude of third party applications.

Violet Audio D8XI and D8XO - Wherever D-Sub 25-pin to XLR conversion is required.
D8XI & D8XO Key features:
• 8 x Male XLR (D8XI) or 8 x Female XLR (D8XO)
• 2 x parallel D-Sub 25-pin connectors (1 front, 1 rear) for passive splitter functionality
• Tascam/Digidesign compatable pinout
• Analog or Digital signal compatibility
• Passive operation, no power supply required
• Rotatable rack-mount ears front/rear panel rotation
D8XI & D8XO Applications:
The D8XI & D8XO are perfectly suited for use in the following environments:

• Professional recording studios
• Home/project studios
• Post production facilities
• Live Sound applications

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